BO Tax Credit Program 3

B&O Tax Credit Program

Guarantee downtown Sumner’s vibrancy

The Main Street Tax Credit Incentive Program (MSTCIP) ensures your tax dollars are invested in downtown Sumner. For businesses paying B&O taxes, your organization financially benefits from investing in Sumner Main Street Association.

The specifics: Your business is eligible for a tax credit worth up to 75% of its contribution to Sumner Main Street. If your business donates $10,000 to SMSA, your business will then receive a $7500 tax credit the following year. An added incentive: Your donation is eligible for a federal tax deduction.

“If you have any questions, please contact the SMSA Executive Director at, or at (253) 891-4260, to help guide you through the process


Ready to Pledge? Follow These Easy Steps to Enroll:

How to Enroll

Step One/Visit the Department of Revenue Website

Visit the WA Department of Revenue website and follow these step by step instructions to pledge:
  • Starting in January 2023, go to:
  • Log in
  • Click on “Get Started” link
  • Click on your “Excise Tax” account
  • Click “Credits” in the toolbar
  • Click on “Add Main Street Application”
  • Find Sumner Main Street Association and enter the Contribution
    Amount; click next
  • Fill out Authorization Information and click Submit.

Step Two/Make a Donation

Before December 22, 2023, you can make a donation to SMSA by sending a check to:

Sumner Main Street Association
923 Kincaid Ave
Sumner, WA 98390


Donate Online 

Step Three/Check Your Account

In January 2024, when you go to pay your B&O taxes online, you will have the credit available in your account. It’s really that simple!


Thank you so much for supporting Sumner Main Street Association!