SMSA Office Hours: Your Attendance Required (no, not really…but much appreciated)

Feb 11, 2022

SMSA Office Rebranding

If Friday afternoon are the two best words in the English language, they just got better Sumnerites. The SMSA will be kicking off bi-weekly virtual office hours with its new executive director, Matt Loeb. Matt is looking forward to meeting, and chatting, with you about all things Sumner. He wants your ideas, insight, and input to strengthen downtown Sumner. For those recoiling at the term “office hours,” there is no syllabus, or course assignment, here. These office hours will be a fun, informal way for you to get to know Matt (and vice versa). So add this Zoom link to your calendar and hop on next Friday, the 18th from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM for a casual conversation with SMSA’s new executive director. Matt looks forward to seeing you there.