You Can’t Spell Rhubarb Days Without Knutson Farms

Jun 15, 2022

Knutson Farms
As we gear up for downtown Sumner’s festival season, we want to express our gratitude to Knutson Farms for sponsoring downtown Sumner’s signature event, Rhubarb Days. Deeply invested in our community, Knutson Farms understands the value of a culturally and economically vibrant downtown. We are grateful for their genersoity—and partnership.
On that note, please support Knutson Farms. From their iconic flowers to one of a kind events, Knutson Farms offers a personalized experience for all visitors. And as for the setting itself, well, the word rustic doesn’t do it justice. Nestled in a spectacular canyon, Knutson Farms’ unmatched views are Washington beauty personified. Perhaps the only thing better than those views—Knutson Farms’ field rhubarb for your flaky rhubarb pie.